Digital Archive Services

Digitization is defined as conversion of physical/analog materials such as paper document, photograph and graphic materials into electronic environment or the images stored on electronic environment.

Digitization applications are basically used for the following three reasons:

  • reducing the cost of paper documents and storage: Storage of the selected digital documents on digital environment reduces the costs of paper and storage area and also it is important for preservation of vital records.
  • applying enterprise content management solutions: Digitization of documents and increasing use of electronic documents facilitate sharing of various information sources in enterprise-wide processes and hence it will be possible to perform the enterprise content management activities efficiently.
  • archival preservation: Since digitization will decrease the use of original copies, it will generate major advantages for preservation of archival documents for long time and create multi-use possibilities.

Digitization is used as a part of enterprise information and document management programs. The fact that enterprises already have their plans for filing, information security and document storage will facilitate digitization application in the related fields.

The electronic copies are required to be authentic, complete and accessible in order that information and document sources can be accepted as evidence.




Documents and necessary information sources must be produced in a defined system under the required authorizations and recording processes.


Digital record must reflect all physical and intellectual elements belonging to the items in printed form of the content without any missing item.


As far as it is necessary, documents and information sources must be accessible, scannable and readable by people with access right.


Threats and Developed Standards

Today, the most serious threat against documents is said to be changing file formats rather than natural disasters and fire danger. In this context, the following considerations are required to be taken into account while transferring documents to digital environment and developing programs for document operations on electronic environment:

  • Evidence: The features of digital signature and multi-signature must be defined in order that documents on electronic environment can be accepted as evidence.
  • Reliability: Reliability is definition of validity of document for the relevant event, e.g. providing confidence in the content of document.
  • Authenticity: Authenticity of documents is closely related to electronic information. It is necessary to pay efforts to validate authenticity on electronic environment.
  • Accountability: Documents must be defined as the instruments used for inspection of enterprise-wide responsibilities.
  • Readability and availability: Access to the sources in different formats on electronic environment must be provided. Particularly, finding the instruments for the formats which aren’t up-to-date constitute a serious problem. Considering that this problem may be experienced while finding a driver for the up-to-date applications, the extent of the problem may be grown retrospectively.