KolayPortal Innovation – Corporate Innovation Management Software

We have developed a tool for you to manage innovation as social, fast, plain, and joyful.

Innovation Management Software takes participation of company’s internal and external parts as being the basis and aims to create innovation together. An innovation network being composed of company employees, company shareholders, and internal partners being in direct contact with the company form the basis of this project. As regards to the processing of the platform, contrary to today’s innovation tradition, approach for the company to be proactive in the management of company’s innovation calls and innovation processes that enables more successful and efficient outcomes to be obtained has been used.

As the basis of Innovation Management Software, there is a web based innovation platform created  dedicatedly  for the company by using open innovation model and infrastructure. It is aimed to eliminate complexities relating with all kinds of innovation works of the company regarding internal partners and to gather them at one center while carrying out the works over this web platform.

Innovation Management Software aims to bring together opinion based and call based innovation models together in order to enable the contribution of employees at the highest level: 
“Opinion Based Structure” where call free new ideas will be collected and, “Call Based Structure” where solutions will be created with the calls that are published.
With this model, it is possible for the users to be proactive and to have a two-way communication.

Innovation Management Software has a system customized for 4 different user types.

1. Standard Interfaces

Properties of the interfaces which the users will find on the platform first:

1.1. Innovation Calls Module

It is related with presenting a topic to be specified by the moderators to the users together with duration, award, and brief and to ask them to create solutions. You can enable your employees to think about the topics you choose and for them to create solutions and thus you can come up with wonderful ideas with collaboration.

1.2. Idea/ Recommendation Pools Module

It is the idea pools that enable call free users to create ideas. You can enable them to present their solutions to the institution for the categories specified and they can also come up with new ideas they develop. Recommendation pools enable clear solutions and give the opportunity for people to make comments, evaluations, and scoring.

1.3. Loyalty Program Module (İnoPuan – MY IQ-EQ)

It enables sorting out the users by turning actions of users into mathematical outcomes. Individuals getting scores from their actions like sending ideas, writing comments, and evaluation of ideas, are being sorted     at certain periods according to their being active and thus it is made possible for them to be known (internal motivation).

1.4. Questionnaire Module

With the help of questionnaire property, you can make inquiries relating with the users with concepts like yes/no or I liked/I didn’t like and you can also conduct focus group works with the teams you specify.

1.5. Innovation School – Inspiration Corner

It will provide an environment with content where successful cases will be shared, new trends will be followed up, online trainings are given, content giving inspiration are shared, and where creativity tests are conducted.

1.6. Interest and Working Rooms Module

Interest and work rooms will provide a social ground where users of interest and work rooms can communicate, make discussions and brainstorms as relating with their areas of interest and work

1.7. Award Winners – Wall of Fame

It will be an attraction center where award winners and users that are successful and those having high level of participation are announced, where their success stories are shared, and where the winning ideas are also announced. It is vital for the platform to be sustainable. Success of the platform will be followed up from here.

1.8. Publishing the Content

Contents can be published in various formats as news, Announcement, Visual, or Video.


2. User Interfaces (Employee or Client)

Logging in by the company employees is related with properties that will be seen later on.

2.1. My Solutions and My Recommendations

Solutions and recommendations shared by the users from the platform can be followed up from here. They can get feedback relating with the ideas they share. They can share new ideas and recommendations.

2.2. My Comments, My Evaluations and My Votes

Users can follow up the comments, evaluations, and votes they make as relating with the solutions and opinions of other users.

2.3. My Messages

Users can send messages to each other, they can follow up the messages they receive or send from this system, and they can also send new messages.

2.4. My IQ/EQ

Users can follow up IQ and EQ scores which they obtain as a result of actions they make during the time they are at the platform.

2.5. My Awards

Users can follow up the successes they achieved and the awards they received for their participation from here.

2.6. Automatic E-mail Notification System

Through e-mail notification system, the users will receive automatic feedbacks as relating with the contents they create. For example like: “A comment is made on the solution you sent” etc.

2.7. My Settings

They will be able to update their user details from here including their user name and password.

2.8. Profile

Users can create a general open profile page and by keeping it as updated, they can contact with other users.

3. Admin / Management Interfaces

These are the interfaces to which moderators can access and manage the platform.

3.1. Publishing Calls

This is the area where platform manager can publish calls relating with any topic. By preparing call brief from here, innovation contests can be organized for the users from this area.

3.2. Approval System

Approval system enables the platform manager to evaluate the incoming ideas, opinions, and comments before their being published after they are permitted. Platform manager may ask for certain inappropriate contents not to be published.

3.3. Evaluation System

Evaluation module enables coming ideas and recommendations to be evaluated on the platform as per the specified evaluation criteria. First of all the platform manager specifies evaluation criteria and he weights them among themselves and then he completes the evaluation by scoring the ideas and recommendations. Platform lists the best solutions to the manager by using an algorithm. The manager can reward the solution from here if he wants to and he can publish it from the award winners’ page.

3.4. Statistics and Reports

As a result of works carried out over the platform, there will be many participants having new working opportunities which can be countable or not. You can follow up the reports containing the results of the applications made (Incoming ideas and projects, votes, comments, key performance indicators) from the system. Platform will present you the reports which is most demanded as Standard Reports.

3.5. Closed Circuit Notification System

Notification system enables notification e-mails to be sent to the moderator about the platform on daily or weekly basis.

3.6. Member Administration

Platform Manager will be able to perform functions like following up user accounts, directing, erasing, redefining etc. from member management panel.

3.7. Task Management

Tasks can be assigned about any topic to the category or call owners and monitoring the task can also be done.

3.8. Award Management

From among the ideas sent to calls or categories, the idea chosen can be awarded.