Digital Archiving Services

Nowadays, enterprises utilize Digital Archiving Systems in order to access their documents more easily within the scope of security layers and levels of authorization. Without having to make any additional investments, an enterprise is able to transfer a small amount of operational documents to the system. However, transferring hundreds of thousands or even millions of retrospective documents requires special expertise and infrastructure. For this process, having tens of personnel specialized in this field and high-end scanners is necessary. Ensuring consistent scanned image quality and data accuracy is yet another field of expertise.

Form Processing Systems are used for the purpose of reading data present on manually completed forms such as credit card application, questionnaire, membership, public archive, land registry, municipal urban development archive and customer information forms. Manual reproduction of such data not only requires allocation of a lot of manpower but also results in low data accuracy. With our specialized staff and infrastructure, we offer top quality Office Service-Digital Archiving Services.

Image Archiving

Image Archiving is a way of indexing paper documents by scanning them and transferring the resulting image to the electronic environment, which enable facilitated queries, classification and access.

Using such queries and classification data, users can then access relevant documents on a computer. One has to pay attention to the following points in this sense:

  • Quality scanning;
  • Determining adequate indexing areas;
  • Digitally signing obtained documents; and
  • Storing and maintaining them for long terms using microfilms.

Digital Archiving involves indexing and storage of not only paper documents but also digital documents (Word, Excel, mail etc.).